Packing & Shipping

Pack & Mail offers the services of Certified Packing Specialists. Our staff has been thoroughly trained by the Associated Mail & Business Centers Retail Shipping Institute and we are experts on packing and shipping anything to anywhere.

Our packaging is fully guaranteed and meets all requirements for declared value coverage. Don’t take a chance, trust the professionals at Pack & Mail.

We offer the services of FedEx, UPS, DHL and the United States Postal Service and are able to compare rates for all carriers to get you the best price and service available.

We also offer large freight shipping. Whether you’re sending grandma’s dining room set or your trophy buck, we can handle it. We can even pick it up at your location.

Have a prepaid package? Pack & Mail will accept it as a courtesy and give it directly to the appropriate carrier with our daily pick-up. We accept prepaid drop-offs for DHL, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, UPS and the USPS.

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