Improving the world

Locks of Love/Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Pack & Mail is proud to offer free packing and shipping via USPS for all donations to Locks of Love or Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Just bring your cut pony tail (in a baggie, please) to our service counter. You can fill out a donation form at our counter or just include a full sized piece of paper with your name and address on it if you’d like to receive a thank you note from these charities.

Locks of Love:
Donation Guidelines/Form

Pantene Beautiful Lengths:
Making the Cut

Cell Phones for Soldiers:

We collect cellphones at either of our locations to donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers. This charity helps provide active duty military with a way to contact home, as well as helping veterans transition to a post-service life.


Pack & Mail is  part of the Plastic Loose Fill Council’s recycling program. This means that as a public service we accept styrofoam peanuts for recycling at no charge to you. Peanuts can be presented at the service counter of any Pack & Mail location during business hours.

What we accept for recycling:

  • Clean and dry styrofoam peanuts
  • Clean cornstarch (biodegradable) peanuts that are still “fluffy”
  • Clean bubble wrap with all bubbles intact
  • Cardboard boxes that are clean and dry

What we cannot accept for recycling:

  • Packing paper, newspaper, or shredded paper
  • Dirty or wet materials of any kind
  • Cornstarch (biodegradable) peanuts that are shrunken and hard due to moisture
  • Styrofoam used in the food industry e.g. egg cartons, foam meat trays

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