4 Proven Ways to Help Get Your Package Delivered Internationally

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1. Make sure you have the correct address and phone number for the recipient. International addresses are not always the way we are used to seeing them, the language is foreign and sometimes there isn’t even a street address or postal code.

2. Know all the contents of the package, county of origin and their value. You will need this information in order to fill out a customs form for all international packages. Fail to list something or misrepresent its value and it could cause delays, higher duties and part of your shipment being confiscated.

3. Know the customs regulations of the country you want to ship to. Each country has specific customs requirements, and the requirements you use for one might get your product stuck in customs in another. Most counties don’t allow Firearms, Ivory of any kind, Asbestos, Pornography and most Food Products at all or without special paper work. Mexico will not allow pencils, cotton seeds in Japan and ceramic products in Anguilla. Most countries maintain an up-to-date version of their trade laws and custom requirements online.

4. Pack your items correctly. With international shipping, it is essential to safely package your product to ensure intact arrival. Packages can be accidentally dropped or a much heavier box might drop on top of your package. For example, if you are shipping fine glassware, you need a very dense and shock absorbent type of packaging to protect it in transit.

You should also be aware of any regulations on shipping containers for the destination country. Businesses using wood pallets, for instance, might not realize that some countries regulate wood packaging to control pests and ask companies to follow specific standards The U.S. Department of Agriculture website maintains a database of the countries with special wood packaging requirements, but your consultant or lawyer should be able to advise you on what regulations apply to your specific container materials.

Although I tried to write this article so you would find it easier to do your international shipping, nothing will be as easy as letting us handle it for you. With our years of experience and everything right at our fingertips Pack & Mail takes the hassle out of international shipping. Pack & Mail, we make it easy!

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